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Laboratory for Labour Market Studies

Developing skills for innovative growth in the Russian Federation

Vasiliev K., Roshchin S., Maltseva I. O. et al.

Washington: World Bank, 2013.

Determinants of on-the-job training in enterprises: the Russian case

Roshchin S., Travkin P.

European Journal of Training and Development. 2017. Vol. 41. No. 9. P. 758-775.

Book chapter
Sectoral Segregation and the Wage Differential between Immigrants and Native Workers in Russia

Polyakova E.

In bk.: Труды 6-й Международной научно-практической конференции студентов и аспирантов «Статистические методы анализа экономики и общества» (12-15 мая 2015 г.). M.: Higher School of Economics Publishing House, 2015.

Working paper
Determinants of Job-Related Training in Enterprises: The Russian Case

Roshchin S., Travkin P.

Economics/EC. WP BRP. Высшая школа экономики, 2017

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Laboratory for Labor Market Studies was founded in 2007. Our research areas are contract theory in labor economics, labor market and gender, senior managers' labor market, labor market, human capital and demographic processes, interaction between labor and education markets.

Article in Journal of Education and Work

Article "Patterns of student employment in Russia" by Victor Rudakov and Sergey Roshchin was published in Journal of Education and Work.

Research seminar "Bridging or Bonding? Preferences for Redistribution and Social Capital in Russia"

Speaker - Ekaterina Borisova (International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development HSE).

Article in Foresight and STI Governance

Article "Is Flexible Labor Good for Innovation? Evidence from Russian Firm-level Data" by Smirnykh, Larisa was published in Foresight and STI Governance journal.

Research seminar "The Shadow of the Family: Historical Roots of Particularism in Europe"

Speakers — Aleksey Oshchepkov (Center for Labour Market Studies HSE) and Maria Kravtsova (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research HSE).

Working paper by Larisa Smirnykh and Andreas Worgotter

Working paper "The importance of institutional and organizational characteristics for the use of fixed-term and agency work contracts in Russia" is available online.

Research seminar "Corrupt bureaucrats, bad managers, and the slow race between education and technology"

Speaker — Ivan Lyubimov (Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy).

Research seminar "Dynamics of Inequality and Convergence after Transition – Evidence from Russia"

Speaker - Maria Giulia Silvagni (International Center for the Study of Institutions and Development HSE).

Article in International Journal of Training and Development

Article "The returns to training in Russia: a difference-in-differences analysis" by Pavel Travkin and Anna Sharunina was published online in International Journal of Training and Development.

Research seminar "Estimating effects of 2007 family policy changes on probability of second and subsequent births in Russia"

Speakers - Svetlana Biryukova and Oksana Sinyavskaya (Centre for Family Policy and Quality of Life Studies HSE)

Research seminar "Childcare Reform: Effects on Earnings and Employment among Native Swedish and Immigrant Mothers"

Speaker - Elena Kotyrlo (RUDN University, Moscow)