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Laboratory for Labour Market Studies

Developing skills for innovative growth in the Russian Federation

Vasiliev K., Roshchin S., Maltseva I. O. et al.

Washington: World Bank, 2013.

Determinants of on-the-job training in enterprises: the Russian case

Roshchin S., Travkin P.

European Journal of Training and Development. 2017. Vol. 41. No. 9. P. 758-775.

Book chapter
Sectoral Segregation and the Wage Differential between Immigrants and Native Workers in Russia

Polyakova E.

In bk.: Труды 6-й Международной научно-практической конференции студентов и аспирантов «Статистические методы анализа экономики и общества» (12-15 мая 2015 г.). M.: Higher School of Economics Publishing House, 2015.

Working paper
Gender wage inequality in Russian universities

Rudakov V., Prakhov I. A.

Economics/EC. WP BRP. Высшая школа экономики, 2019. No. 208/EC/2019.

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Laboratory for Labor Market Studies was founded in 2007. Our research areas are contract theory in labor economics, labor market and gender, senior managers' labor market, labor market, human capital and demographic processes, interaction between labor and education markets.

Working paper by Victor Rudakov, Ilya Prakhov

Working paper  "Gender Wage Inequality In Russian Universities"  is available online.

Seminar «Age-earnings profiles of different generations»

A joint research seminar of the Laboratory for Labour Market Studies and the Centre for Labour Market Studies was held at HSE On December 18, 2018.

Seminar «The Income Elasticity of Child Labour: Do Cash Transfers Have an Impact on the Poorest Children?»

A joint research seminar of the Laboratory for Labour Market Studies and the Centre for Labour Market Studies was held at HSE On December 11, 2018.

Working paper by Ksenia Rozhkova, Sergey Roshchin, Sergey Solntsev.

Working paper "Wage Adjustment Policies In Russian Firms" is available online.

Seminar «Wage Adjustment Policies in Russian Firms»

Speakers: Ksenia Rozhkova, Sergey Roshchin, Sergey Solntsev (LLMS HSE).

Research Seminar «Educational assortative mating and its impact on income inequality in Russia»

Speaker: Daria Zinchenko, PhD Student at HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Research seminar «Storm of Change: Wage Policy and Workers’ Mobility in a Russian Firm in Early Transition»

Speaker: Hartmut Lehmann (CLMS HSE, IZA, University of Bologna).

Research seminar "Childcare Costs and Timing of Maternal Employment Decisions after Childbirth"

Speaker: Natalia Gashenina (HSE Master Program graduate).

Research seminar "Age Discrimination in Hiring: an Experimental Study"

Speaker: Ekaterina Klepikova (HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences).

Working paper by Evgeniya Polyakova and Margarita Kuleva

Working paper "Cultural employment in Russia and Europe: A comparative analysis " is available online.